Oxygen is Number One

Oxygen the number one nutrient… brain power, energy, life force!

Air provides the place where life can cycle in abundance. In fact you would last 4 minutes without it.

Worth talking about? I am going to share amazing facts that will take your health to another level. Simple and inexpensive too, yet profound!

So Now It’s Time To Look At Yourself:

How much time did you spend outside today?

If it wasn’t enough, make sure to take the time to consciously spend 5 minutes outside today. (Since the average person spends 90% time indoors.)

Awareness… how are you breathing? Do you take shallow or deep breaths??

How To Increase Your Oxygen…

So, why train your breathing muscles? Quite simply… because they are muscles. Breathing is a process that requires the coordinated contraction and relaxation of many muscles. Research has now shown that the work done by these muscles during exercise is substantial.

Take a look at the many other ways to increase your oxygen and to enhance your everyday life!

1. Exercise increases your rate and depth of breathing. Make sure you are breathing properly during exercise and don’t hold your breath.

2. Expand your lungs by increasing your ability to inhale (inspiratory). About 70% of the expansion and contraction of the lungs is caused by the movement of the chest cage. A small device can be purchased which I highly recommend (Expand-A-Lung Breathing Fitness Exerciser); a best kept secret for high performance athletes or just wanting better energy!

3. Listen to relaxation and breathing method DVD’s and learn how to properly breathe, which again helps to increase your oxygen saturation.

4. Make sure you are well-nourished with all essential vitamins and minerals. Eat a healthy diet with green veggies. Vegetables are a life force and can help increase oxygen and the most anti-cancer food.

5. Lose weight if you are obese. Disturbed breathing during sleep for people who are obese has shown a decrease in oxygen saturation.
(Source: American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine)

6. Ozone Therapies

7. Check for anemia; iron transports oxygen to the muscles.

8. Place a good “air purifier’ in your home, car and work cubby. For more information on top quality call Advanced Nutrition 916-487-WELL.

Important Facts…

The average American spends 90 percent of their time indoors, and in most cases, the air quality inside is far worse than it is outside. Why? Simply because of the off-gassing of various chemicals from building materials-paint, carpet, counter tops, dry wall, you name it and chances are it’s got some sort of toxic ingredient. The thing is, in many cases those chemicals are mandated by either building codes or performance codes.

Each year, more than 2.4 million people die from disease related to poor air quality. This includes 1.4 million deaths due to indoor air pollution.

A quality air purifier can significantly reduce toxins in the home and prevent bacteria spreading like flu and cold viruses.

Combined by Advanced Nutrition Center, Inc.; Sherrlyn Christmas, C.N.C.
For more Info visit www.Sherrlynchristmas.com 916-487-WELL

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