The G.P.S.Way ®

A global awareness to help re-route. At an all time-high from obesity to cancer to drug resistance “superbugs”. . Information coming your way to stay strong in the midst of chaos and chemicals. There is no such thing as a “best” weight loss diet. Different diets work for different people…
Choosing a way of eating that will best suit your lifestyle and taste preferences, will give back more than you invest.The best diet for you… is the one you can actually stick to in the long-term and stay healthy.

What Is The G.P.S. Way ®?

Learning how to navigate food, regardless of the name of the diet.
The G.P.S. Way® brings a concept that you can live with!

Grains, Pesticides & Sugar are the “three basics” that have marked the framework of the modern diet. Now understanding how food can work for you, will allow you to become intimate with the food you are choosing to eat, with great results.

"When we change our approach to food, we will ultimately change our approach to life itself."
Sherrlyn Christmas


Take the guess work out of ordering at a restaurant…you can make it work for you. Scientifically proven true as the most critical factor in healing long term and succeeding, is the “will” and mindset to do it! With the right navigation and the will to do it; the journey becomes possible to succeed.


It is virtually impossible to eliminate 100% of grains, pesticides, and sugars. It’s about embracing food as an ally, not just to sustain you, but to enjoy the journey of reaching your destiny.

The important factor is that food is in its place. When we are willing to look head-on at why we do what we do, it allows other emotions to surface so you can realize the core value of what your body really needs.

Learning and allowing food to be your “ally” will help you take care of yourself without dieting. The food cop brings shame and guilt in your mind. The “food ally” will self-nurture you and simply remind you of why you shouldn’t do it. Go beyond food just being sustenance and let it be a foundational pillar to take you to your destiny!

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