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Quality of Life

Sherrlyn’s advanced knowledge and expertise in the field of nutrition continues to positively improve & impact the quality of my life, both mentally & physically. Over the past 12 years and for years to come I will continue to count on her to make all things right regarding my health & wellness needs. She’s been a life saving blessing. 

Elizabeth Volmer

Great Advice

 Incredible information that you don’t get from your regular doctor Sherrlyn has such in depth knowledge of nutrition instead of drugs which most medical people promote. Her advice is so helpful in understanding how to avoid medical issues and stay healthy. 

Henry Enns.


 I was guided to Sherrlyn Christmas-John by divine intervention with my stomach and colon issues. I was pleasantly surprised about the extent of her knowledge that exceeded that of some expert physicians I needed to consult. I am still in the midst of it all but I am trusting her expertise that she will guide me slowly to where I can begin to enjoy life more again. I would highly recommend her to anyone with the above issues. 

Ute L

My Health Ally

 Sherrlyn has been in my corner for over 10 years and I trust her advice. She is very likeable, a professional AND she’s in good health! We began with menopause and a natural vs synthetic way of dealing with my hormones. After thyroid surgery, she continues to help me with prescription choices and supplements. Now, after the hair test, I know more about my body than ever what to do for it to be healthy. I feel great at 61, my weight is awesome and I even did a Spartan race this month. 

Ranai Jones

Ready to Heal

 Sherrlyn listened patiently, was encouraging and unjudgemental. My appointment with her was motivating and has set me on a path of healing that I’m excited about! Her calm demeanor also helped, and the few supplements she recommended are healthy, clean and already relieving a few symptoms I was experiencing. 



 I felt heard and got the answers I needed. I am dealing with complex health issues that seem to have compounding layers upon layers. The fact that Sherrlyn isn’t fazed by them and can help me navigate my way through a treatment plan is so very encouraging. 


Getting back to being Healthy

 Sherrlyn is wonderful. She’s kind, caring, and she has a very positive energy. She leaves me feeling hopeful and encouraged after our conversations. For the first time in a very long time, I’m seeing my health improve, and I have her to thank for that. 

Larissa N

Amazing Results

 I felt compelled to share my great results. As a 54 year old woman, I have only had the basic of blood work from my doctor. Along with going thru menopause, I had zero energy. After having lots of blood work done, I found that there were many things going on that I had the opportunity to catch early enough. With supplements and her teachings on eating healthy, I am feeling better and dropped 25 lbs in the process. I am so grateful to Sherrlyn for the assistance she is giving me on a regular basis. She is go kind and positive during our appointments. I am getting results and feel better physical and mentally on a daily basis. Thank you Sherrlyn Thank you! 

Meg Secrist

Outstanding service!

 I had been to the ER 3 times with no relief before seeing Mrs. Christmas. After a brief conversation she skipped her lunch to make time for a consultation. Not only did she ACTUALLY listen to me, she didn’t have the “I’m a doctor and you’re a patient, so I know stuff and you don’t” attitude that most medical staff do. The consultation fee was a bit more than I would have liked to spend, but after the pain of 2 weeks of constipation and run-around at the hospital it was money well spent. 

Nathan Hall

Great knowledge and Outstanding service.

 I was very impressed the amount of information I received in such a short time. I have been re-energized. And the service was great. I was their focus and for that hour was the most important patient to them, with 100% focus on helping me get better! 


A Fabulous partner in your personal health and well-being

 I highly recommend Sherrlyn Christmas-John as a partner in your personal health and well being care. Her knowledgeable, understandable, caring insight combined with her heartfelt engagement and personal commitment to nutrition has greatly impacted my personal healing, health practices and overall quality of life. 

Quinn Vaughn

Wonderful Experience with an Extremely Knowledgeable Nutritionist

 What a relief it is to finally know what has been going on with my body. Sherrlyn was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Prior to our meeting I felt that I had been living a nightmare for the previous ten months; she explained everything to me (and more), and now I am starting the road to recovery. Sherrlyn gave me peace of mind, and I thank her so much for that! 

Lori Attardi

Personally Gratified

 My appointment with Advanced Nutrition was absolutely gratifying. From the welcoming to the intake to the knowledge that Dr. John had and had given about the products that will change my personal well being was so amazing. She expressed concern for my diet and helped me maintain a plan to help correct my lifestyle of bad habits. So easily in fact that I could finally understand the nutrition my body needs!! That is what made me so grateful to be able to come and see her. 

Leeanne Bargas

First timer

 My meeting with Sherrlyn was amazing! This is the first time in four years I feel hopeful in resolving my digestive issues!!!! I have a new lease on life that my life can change for the better after having seen numerous doctors and different practitioners in all areas of the spectrum. I am so excited to get started with the testing to see what is going on with my body and hopefully find a way to correct my issues. She was kind and caring and I’m so thankful my son recommended her to me. Great! 


Pleasantly surprised

 My experience with advanced nutrition was better than 5 star..! I was beyond surprised at the depth of knowledge that CNC Christmas-John has. I came to her with a highly complicated issue that my primary care doctors were lost with, and it appears we are on the right track. NEVER overlook what nature has to offer when administered by a professional like Mrs. Christmas- John…..! A two thumbs up from someone who has been around a bit…..! 

Mark T

Long time client

 Advanced Nutrition is a life saver. Sherrlyn is about as good as they come. She has helped me so much! If you really want to participate in your own health, not just take a pill and hope for the best, this is where to go. I still need my Doctor and I am fortunate to have one that likes patients that are willing to do their part. With the help of Sherrlyn’s knowledge, I gave my Doctor my healthiest best. I avoided many unnecessary drugs and their horrible side effects. I amazed my Doctor. 


A long time coming…

 I am in my later 60’s and have been battling with fatigue for the last few years. Sherrlyn found some indicators of the problem in my blood tests and recommended some ways of correcting those conditions through nutrition rather than drugs. I am on a good, well-balanced program now and feel the situation will improve in short order, now that the actual cause was discovered. 

Sterling Watkins


 I am extremely thankful that I found Advanced Nutrition. Sherrlyn listens and understands which brings me such peace. I have been dealing with a health challenge that the medical profession would only give me drugs to mask. Through Sherrlyn I have not had to use anxiety medication. 

Judy Chrisman

Saving My Gallbladder

 I found Sherrlyn to be balanced in her respect and understanding of the role of western medicine. At the same time, she was extremely knowledgeable and proficient in the value and use of integrative medicine to treat the whole person. Thorough in her approach to understanding my immediate condition, overall health and goals. She’s compassionate & caring. She educated me, answered my questions and prescribed a restorative action plan, w/milestones, to correct my digestive problems & save my gallbladder! 


Sherryln is amazing!

 Sherrlyn helped me deal with stomach pains that I had for 5 plus years. Many doctors’ specialists and alternative therapist couldn’t help me or offer suggestions. Sherrlyn reviewed my tests and really listened to me and offered a change in my diet as a solution. I thought I was healthy eating gluten free and lots of fruit. Within a month of using her suggestions I was 80% better. Within 3 months almost 100%. Now 18 months later I can’t imagine going back to eating my old way. Thank you! 

Elissa Kennedy

Healing & Grateful!

 Advanced Nutrition is a Blessing for my healing. As I age gracefully Sherrlyn brings a wealth of wisdom, nutrition experience and guidance in a very loving and gracious way. I highly recommend Advanced Nutrition & Sherrlyn for your health! Thank you! 

Kind regards, Mary Larsen

Potential Menopause concerns

 Sherrlyn was great, she listens well and asked the right questions. Very professional yet easy to talk to. I live out of state and it was still very easy to schedule. She does a great job. 

Kerry Jo Horn

Finally, a Health Care Professional That Listens!

 I was blown away with my appointment, so grateful! This is the first health care professional I have worked with that listens to me instead of dismissing my experience and body insight. It feels so great to be heard and accepted. The best part is having an incredibly educated and talented professional on my team to help me restore my health. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! 


Quality Professional Healthcare From Someone Who Cares

 Sherrlyn’s knowledge bridged with her true caring nature can’t be beat. You can sense she truly wants you to experience wellness and vitality. She has helped me and many others experience improved health…..a priceless gift. 

Dawn Baran


 I don’t know if I can write enough about Advanced Nutrition! I believe my relationship with them has helped me change the direction of my life/health, for the better! The staff is personable and friendly and always helpful. 

Greg B


 In the nearly 2 years I have been getting advice & products from Advanced Nutrition I have never been disappointed. I came in at a time most would have told me to go to the ER. I never did need to go to the ER with what I was dealing with – and my health improved by leaps and bounds. Sherrlyn is knowledgeable, caring, sensitive and respectful of people’s financial situation, too. Going there changed my life!! 


Feel Better

If you are looking for Nutritionist that can help you with different health issues, I highly recommend Sherrlyn Christmas John. She will review your situation along with blood work to see what your body is lacking and make recommendations, toward a healthier life style. Sherrlyn has worked with me with a number of health issues. She has been a great help for me, to overcome liver problems. My last blood work showed my liver was in the Normal range. I greatly recommend Sherrlyn. Thank you so much God Bless!

Elizabeth Terraza
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