Peppermint Essential Oil Drops


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Promotes healthy upper respiratory function and the healthy functioning of muscles and joints. Antibacterial properties, spasmolytic and definitely promotes easier breathing.

Internal:  bronchial congestion, cough, sore throat, flu/colds, difficult breathing, fainting, anxiety.  And of course, a breath freshener.

External: Musculoskeletal pain, tennis elbow (epicondylitis), carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, hot flashes

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The peppermint plant has been used as a medicinal remedy for thousands of years. It is indicated for all spasmolytic conditions such as asthma and difficult breathing (emphysema), and is effective in relieving sore throat, fainting, and dizziness. It has a marked effect upon the respiratory tract and stomach. Recent studies show that peppermint also increases bile production.

In fold medicine, peppermint leaves are commonly used as tea to increase perspiration during colds and flu and to increase diuresis. It also has a mild stimulating effect on the heart and nervous system. Due to its spasmolytic and analgesic effects, it can relieve coughs, acute asthma, stomach cramps and nausea. Peppermint can also stimulate the gastric tract and ease heartburn and bloating.

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Peppermint Essential Oil Drops
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