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Oxy-Powder uses the power of oxygen to safely and effectively melt away the compaction from your small intestine, large intestine, and colon.† Whether you’re dealing with occasional constipation or just trying to live a clean and healthy life, Oxy-Powder is the one supplement you can’t live without! It uses oxygen to get rid of the waste and toxins that slow you down. You’ll feel lighter, refreshed, and energized overnight. There’s absolutely nothing else like it!

  • Cleanses and detoxifies your entire digestive tract.
  • Relieves bloating, gas and occasional constipation.

Start with 2 – 4 before bed at least 1- 1/2 hours after meal; product has a 12 hour release.  Make sure you stay hydrated to achieve optimal results.

May start with 2-4 before bed and make sure you stay hydrated to activate the process and obtain optimal results.  Best taken away from food; product has a 12 hour release.


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Oxy-Powder is the result of unparalleled research and development in ozone, superoxide and ozonide technology used to create a powerful oxygen based colon cleanser which slowly releases monatomic oxygen to the intestinal tract and body.

  • The history of Oxy-Powder is based on our superoxide/ozonide creation and stabilization process which was invented during Dr. Group’s research on the root cause of disease. He found that all disease is caused when the body becomes so contaminated with toxic residue from our daily lives that our own internal self-healing mechanism is suppressed. These toxins come from air, food, water, beverages, harmful organisms, stress, radiation and many other potential sources and over 90% of these toxins enter through the intestinal lining.
  • This led Dr. Group on a journey to create the most powerful oxygen releasing, toxin neutralizing colon cleansing product on the market. It all started by studying the works of the most famous ozone and reactive oxygen species scientists worldwide dating back to the late 1700’s.
  • With the help of many brilliant scientists and many years of painstaking trial and error, Dr. Group was able to stabilize reactive oxygen species to magnesium compounds, and Oxy-Powder was born in the late 90’s  and since then Oxy-Powder has become the industry standard for oxygen intestinal cleansers. The name Oxy-Powder was chosen to describe the process and power of transmuting a preparation of ozone and magnesium oxides into a stabilized oxygen releasing powder to support health and longevity.
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Availability: 44 in stock

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