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KCRA News 3 presents the important medical benefits of eating spices with Sherrlyn Christmas-John, C.N.C….and how to make the best guacamole!
Having fun with Channel 10 news and actor Bradford Anderson (right). Sharing “How to make healthy pancakes.”


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“Nothing tastes as good as health feels.”

Experience counts! Sherrlyn is a 25 year veteran of the health industry and extends “what works” beyond book knowledge. She does advanced work as a Clinical Nutritional Consultant and since 2001 has had a thriving private practice in Sacramento California. Touching the heart of people with a motivation and hope and encouraged by physicians who applaud her efforts; she promotes health care that can connect you to amazing discoveries.

“Sherrlyn Christmas-John’s dedication to the basics of nutrition combined with always being up to date on cutting edge nutritional research has transformed the lives of hundreds.” Lisa Hosbein, M.D.,GYN