Sherrlyn Christmas-John, C.N.C. is a health advocate who inspires people with what they need most-education and current research to find long-lasting solutions for their health concerns. Her 25 yr. plus experience provides invaluable and practical information on the "impossible to avoid" food decisions that all of us take part in everyday. Food is the universal common bond that becomes our medicine that heals!

Sherrlyn recognized a real need for advocacy when it became apparent that many physicians trivialized the severity of immune disorders. Not properly supporting the immune system can affect hormones, insomnia, depression, exhaustion, headaches, digestive disorders and can be the root of serious diseases. Her own experience with intense immune disease brought her to make a radical change in her late 20’s to save her own life. Because of not being properly diagnosed for decades, Sherrlyn was inspired to seek information that would educate and allow her to communicate to Integrative medical doctors and health professionals. With determination, she went on to pursue her nutritional degree fighting through seeming impossible circumstances. Behind her up-beat personality and feminine charm is a moving story of tragedy and triumph, poverty and prosperity she brings hope and inspiration to all ages; a voice you can trust in the 21st century.

With continuing education for the latest research and a 10 year private practice, Sherrlyn is well equipped as a sport/fitness expert to take the confusion out of what supplements to take and what diet is best for each individual! Since 1992 she has been committed to hearing and documenting people’s stories all over the United States and even fields international calls to help people make sense of the often overlooked immune disorders and root issues that can be helped through the dynamics of proper nutrition and the right supplements. In addition, the latest lab testing capabilities reveal vitamin levels to causes of hidden health disorders and the right diet through your very own "gene" testing. With a network of physicians, she helps unravel the complexity of "I don’t feel my best and why".

Sherrlyn is a member of the Orthomolecular Medicine Society, the National Association of Nutritional Professionals and a spokesperson for the news media. She is an inspirational speaker and the founder and director of "Advanced Nutrition, LLC," Sacramento, California.