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Sherrlyn makes an appearance on Good Day Sacramento to address some questions about energy drinks, bottled water and vitamin drinks. She separates facts from fiction, exposes some common myths and lets us know which one of these products is actually good for us.

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"Nothing tastes as good as health feels." - Sherrlyn Christmas-John

Experience counts! Sherrlyn is a 25 year veteran of the health industry and extends “what works” beyond book knowledge. She does advanced work as a Clinical Nutritional Consultant and since 2001 has had a thriving private practice in Sacramento California. Touching the heart of people with a motivation and hope and encouraged by physicians who applaud her efforts; she promotes health care that can connect you to amazing discoveries.

"Sherrlyn Christmas-John’s dedication to the basics of nutrition combined with always being up to date on cutting edge nutritional research has transformed the lives of hundreds.”         Lisa Hosbein, M.D.,GYN

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